What would the city look like if citizens own their data?

What would the city look like if citizens own their data?

The smart city can only serve us if it knows a great deal about us. Therefore, in the smart city, information on all our doings will be continuously collected, stored and consulted on a massive scale. Because we are going to be observed by these sensors everywhere we go, it makes sense to pay attention to the way we handle the data we produce and collect. We created a way companies can have a overview of our society on a private level. Data is a new way to divide people with each other without us even realizing that this is happening.

Big data can reduce anything to a single number, but you shouldn’t be fooled by the appearance of exactitude. big data is at its best when analyzing things that are extremely common, but often falls short when analyzing things that are less common. My main concern is that ‘data’ as we know it, is something that is not intended to be ‘good’ for humanity. It is created to analyze people in a way corporations can find their interests. Example; we are collecting data about our health, this data is measuring your heart beat. Your result of the data that you created by checking your hard beat is a feedback of the program. On the other side your data is going to a big company that sells or starts to search for patterns, rhyme, differences, etc.

If we look to a future where we own the data that we collect ourselves, would we be interested in this data? Or should we find a way that we actually collect data where we can create a smart city with, people that are not depending on a calculator to calculate 1 + 1 (this is just an example to show how i think people are going to become a sort of lazy-stupid). Finding a way we can actually getter information as a species, not as a private individual or from a private individual.

I would like to know if there are other people concerned about the way we are seeing data or using data. Please let know what you think.

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