So I’ve been thinking…..

So I’ve been thinking…..

Looking at how the world is playing out its never ending game, I was thinking of how the future population will be living, working and most importantly making a living.

So looking at currencies, crypto currency is getting bigger for each day. I think possibly the future will not have different currencies. I believe there will be one derived from many or a sort of a credit currency that you can always work towards and lend against. But then I was thinking, work? Will we be working in the future? If not, how would we provide for ourselves and our families? Robotics he coming and AI close behind. So will the future revolve around robot renting / investing? Will we invest in robots from our credit currency? For example, our driver-less vehicles will drive themselves possibly at night to get repairs done by robots in a fully autonomous mechanics shop. So will humans sort of buy a percentage in robots or businesses? Will robots be split up as bitcoin is being split up in ownership? It looks that way when you look at how our civilization is evolving. I think a very accurate picture of the future just might be from the Animated movie Wall-e believe it or not. Just our civilization with be a bit more fit than what is shown in the movie 🙂

Just been thinking about this a while, what do you think?

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