Think bitcoin’s getting expensive? Try Zimbabwe

Think bitcoin’s getting expensive? Try Zimbabwe

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Two Questions (Immortality and Cellular Regeneration)

Two Questions (Immortality and Cellular Regeneration)

I felt it might be easier to ask two questions in the same post.


I read something that stated something about a potential issue with society and social progression. It stated that it could be slowed or halted. It uses older people and people's reluctance to change as an example (also uses Einstein and Quantum Physics as an example). It also brings up prejudices as well on top of the previous comment.

I don't consider this to be a legitimate issue as there are many faults with it and what issues might exist can be easily counteracted.

The very fact that they argue against something that is different from the current norm says something.

Examples I came up with to counteract it:

  • Change is something that some fear (again the fact that this person brought this up suggests that some are afraid or reluctant of change, you could easily make an opposing argument in the opposite situation), when these people are young they don't have a fully established reality and believes but once they are set they become close minded and dislike most or certain changes. However there are many who are open liberal minded, and progressive. With the ability to analyze and question properly. With those people with those people they can learn from past failures in order to create something better and not be required to pass on information instead being able to gain it.
  • Teach people to be open liberal minded and progressive.
  • It is not just older people as it depends on the person not the age. There are plenty of younger people like this and olde people who are open minded.
  • Close minded people can be helped.
  • With the right mindset this would not be a problem.
  • Many people are similar to past generations anyway (such as parents)
  • Requiring death should never be a good solution.
  • Racism calmed down after the civil rights movement in which the racists where either less vocal or changed their ways.
  • Teach a more progressive mindset to people and society.
  • Immortality's positives far outweigh any negatives and any negatives themselves can be counteracted.
  • How will those prejudice people any different than ones that continue to be born?
  • Put them in simulations
  • New generations could be created if need be.
  • We could have learned how to deal with that by then.
  • People like Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, and Michio Kaku are examples that not all older people are reluctant to change (which is a stereotype anyway)
  • Life adapts
  • Some people can learn to accept change.
  • Death shouldn't be a first solution to a problem (if at all).
  • Children aren't needed to solve problems.
  • People could continue to learn from mistakes and gain information.
  • Time and Information could help solve the problem
  • Minds can be altered or erased if need be.
  • People fought against change before and it turned out fine.
  • No physical or mental aging.
  • Etc.

Society progresses as normal.

Did I miss anything?, also is this a problem at all? and if it is what are ways to counter act it?


Imagine a microscopic organism that could repair damaged cells. Would this interfere with multi cellular development? If so how might it be counter acted?

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