What is fully automated luxury communism and do we need it?

What is fully automated luxury communism and do we need it?

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How do we get people excited about futurism?

How do we get people excited about futurism?

I've been on a kick of Elon Musk and Neil DeGrasse Tyson lately, as I tend to do while procrastinating studying for my finals, and while it's true that there has been a huge amount of support for a lot of the ideas of SpaceX/Blue Origin/Virgin Galactic, the vast majority of people don't really seem to care. This is true for space travel, A.I, transhumanism, and pretty much everything futurist. Even topics like renewable energy, which get a lot of buzz around them, rarely have members of the public actually care. I live in a wealthy metropolitan area littered with tech nerds (Seattle) and people still only have a passing curiosity in the future of our species. What can we do to actively excite people about the future? Especially at a time like the 21st century where it arguably matters more than it ever has in human history?

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Passive Income is your Future; Start Now

Passive Income is your Future; Start Now

Hello everyone, I am posting this post here as I foresee a huge problem in the future (50-75 years from now). Now when I say a huge problem, I really only mean for people who work for a living. My background is in management in the healthcare sector and I have a MHA degree, which is relatively the same as a MBA degree in regards to business. I primarily work in For-Profit organizations. However, I see a trend that is not being discussed and I feel I should provide my input.

::Brief History of Currency & Why Currency Now is Just Debt::

If you do not know what Passive Income (PI) is, it is basically you obtain income (aka good debt) without using any of your time to make this version of currency. I say good debt, because in 1971, the U.S left the Gold Standard to value the USD currency and the world uses the USD currency as the worlds backing of currency (basically means the USD is the base value system now). Since the U.S government only prints money and sometimes destroys money to manage inflation, the U.S dollar typically only goes in one direction: downwards or de-values in value. Here is site that provides the stats for you: https://www.thebalance.com/what-is-the-value-of-a-dollar-today-3306105. In short, the USD in 1913 with a value at $100 would equal to $2529 in 2018. To give contrast, in 1970 it was just a difference of 100 to 386. The first large increase of devaluation occurred in 1990 with Reagonmics when we hit the 100 to 1300 devaluation in comparison of 1913. Who would of guessed that trickle down economics was a bust that led to the dot com bubble of 1999-2001 and later the 2009 bubble. As one of the best selling financial books author (Robert Kyosaki) tries to explain, once the world accepted USD as a value system in the 1980s, the world went into debt. This is why when I say income = debt, is because the U.S government keeps printing money, devaluing the currency, and the world just follows blindly as that is what the world has defaulted to measure value of their currency.

::Transition to a New Era; the AI Revolution::

Technology is the result of humans using their evolutionary superiority. There is a reason why no other creature dominates the world like we do, our brains is our greatest gift and curse. Humans obtained/developed the ability to use tools, then advanced these tools to push us to the head of the pack. These tools when used by humans have had great accomplishments and disastrous results. Accomplishments includes advancements in medical, agricultural, and industry standards. Disastrous includes the creation of mass destructive weapons and advancements in weapon technology for the purpose of war machines. However, I would like to talk about the Era's to propose my conclusion to the need to stop working and start investing.

The first Era of real advancements was the Industry Revolution after WW2. Go read up on this to understand what it means in depth, but TL/DR this was the blue collar, no education boom that resulted in people working in industrial plants, automotive plants, the creation of the pension scam, & rise of unions (which at the time were good, but now days are just corrupted organizations). The next Era started roundly in the 1980s and this is the current Era for first world nations aka Developed Nations like the Western Europe, Japan, U.S., Canada, etc. We transitioned away from blue collar to promote white collar careers, but the issue is companies became more greedy at the top thanks to Reagonmics and the trickle eventually stopped at no surprise. Now that the medium to high pay labor jobs were being done now by "Automation", there are low paying retail jobs for everyone to have. The issue is that people do not realize that "Automation" is what ended the industrial era and will also end the retail era. So what does this mean?

The rise of the AI era is going to happen. This could also be called the Automation Revolution Era. Basically this means that everyone that works now will have a Computer or some type of program doing their job. This literally means there will be no jobs to provide for humans. I can give recent examples: Kiosks are not just replacing simple jobs like cashiers and registers, but also the entire administration positions in every industry. Why should I (the business owner) pay a salary person (hourly or annual salary) to do a job when I can buy kiosk that does their job, is a fixed one time payment, never needs training, gets updates to reach industry standards, requires no benefits, etc. In short, Automation is happening now and it wont stop at low skilled retail positions. Take my position as a manager. If all my employees are replaced by an AI system, whom do I delegate tasks too? The system does everything for the company, which means they don't need a people manager anymore. So now low skill and mid skill jobs are eliminated. But why stop there? As the owner of a company, why not get a super computer to develop better results, provide superior risk management, and maximize the company's production, which means the CEO no longer has a value as Automation can do his/her job with far greater results.

The point I am making is that every business is going to be Automated and there will be no jobs available. Not even niche things like surgeons will be available as robotics are already doing surgery for the surgeon. Since humans make more errors and Computer Software is nearly perfect (meaning the only error a computer does is from a human intervention), there will be no reason to ever hire humans to do any work. So where does this land us "Humans" in the Automated Era?

Humans will no longer work for a living, but instead be forced into change with the times or like 99.9% of the species of the planet, die off. However, it is not all doom and gloom. This change is what I will call personal freedom or what we call now days: Financial Freedom. Today, the only way to become financially free is to have passive income. This does not change in regards to the Automated Era. My thoughts of what happens is people will purchase AI, Robots, etc, to do the work that humans would normally do and just passively obtain X currency. This means we as the dominate species will transition to what I call Hobby Lifestyle. Hobby Lifestyle basically means you will do what ever you want to do as long as your passive income allows you to sustain that life style. You want to travel the world, as long as your income/debt supports it, you can do this. This is exactly what the wealthy already do. However, the future will allow everyone to basically do what they want to do, instead of have to work to do something. A good example of this in a movie would be the humans from Wall-E that went to space to escape the pollution of Earth and basically lived a permanent vacation life style.

I am not saying that all jobs in the next 50-75 years will disappear, but the majority of positions that we have now, will disappear. If you cannot start some form of passive income now (rental properties, your own automated company, etc, you will have a horrible time in 50-75 years. Lucky for my generation, we will be old enough that we will retire maybe. My generation is the Millennial generation. Our issue is that we are growing organs now and I will expect that age 100 will be the new 50 years old by the time I hit 100 years old. I will not be surprised if we have nano-bots in our body replacing our elastic components to keep us healthier and stronger, while also replacing body parts and organs with mechanical pieces.

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